Surge Arresters

How does load shedding damage appliances?

Once loadshedding is over and Eskom flips the switch to bring you back to the first world on it’s not exactly a smooth return to normal. There is most often a power spike or surge that can literally fry unprotected equipment on the inside.

How to protect your equipment:
1) During load shedding unplug all your appliances and only plug them back in once the power has been restored. But what if it happens when you’re not at home?

2) Type 2 Surge Arresters are the answer. Call us today for a quote on installing surge arresters into your Distrbution board at home or office. These devices will absorb the over voltage often brought about by the power being restored after load shedding and largely reduce the risk of damaging your expensive appliances.
Don’t delay…load shedding is here to stay.